Distributed ledger technology continues to disrupt legacy systems and infrastructure and reshape business processes at an unprecedented rate. Our goal is not only to educate you on how your business could benefit from this technology, but to ensure you have a comprehensive strategy and the tools to achieve it. We will assist you through every step of the process, from design, to development, to implementation.

Consulting and Advisory

We conduct extensive strategic planning, including blockchain architecture, use case feasibility study, and proof of concept. Our firm architects, develops and consults on cutting-edge blockchain projects, ensuring our clients have access to one of the largest networks of blockchain professionals to assist in large scale or highly specialized projects. From financial services to airlines to manufacturers, Blockchain technology is impacting and often redesigning traditional business methods. As experts in disruptive technologies, DLT Labs is positioned to provide valuable insights on how to best apply, integrate, and benefit from Blockchain.

Blockchain and Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts change the way we work. A computable contract that has been made tamper-proof by being run on a decentralized computing network, our team is excited about making a world where smart contracts can be securely, quickly and auditably connected to the off-chain data, APIs and widely accepted payments they need to do more. We facilitate end-to-end development of industry-leading blockchain solutions, including mobile and middleware development and integration. Whether you are looking for a specific technology, or an application of that technology, DLT Labs has you covered.

Blockchain as a Service

DLT Labs is proud to offer tailor-made Blockchain solutions, providing a low-cost, low-risk platform for you to experiment with new business processes. If you have to connect a wide partner network or quickly establish a trust relationship among a disparate group, we will work with you to develop a blockchain solution that propels your business forward.

Smart Contract Code Audit

DLT Labs provide a comprehensive code audit service for Smart Contract which is used by Enterprises and Startup all over the world. As part of the Smart Contract Code Audit, we provide the following:

Audit the Functionality of Smart Contract as described in the Whitepaper or Requirement Document.

Check any Smart Contract Security Vulnerability.

Static & Manual Analysis of the Smart Contract.

Gas Analysis of the Smart Contract.

Verification of Smart Contract Deployment on procedure on TestNet and MainNet.

ICO 2.0

We have designed & developed a very unique reusable platform which will change the way ICO’s are done. By using this platform you will be in full control of your ICO right from the start to the end with zero hassle and no involvement of any third party. The platform will give you following feature:

An ERC20 & ERC 223 compatible Smart Contract.

Automatic connection of Smart Contract to the Platform.

Location Based Token Sale.

Personalized User Interface.

Ready to Integrate with any KYC or AML platform.

Ability to setup Authorized Users.

Secondary Market for Trading.

Full visibility on who own how many tokens.

Ability to freeze assets.

Automatically stop ICO sale based on date or token sale limit.

Ability to schedule a recurring transfer of token.

Two-factor authentication steps to secure your token.

Email / SMS notification on every transaction.

The ICO platform is entirely ready to get integrated with any iOS or Android App, as required.

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