After years of debate and preparation GDPR regulation was finally approved by EU parliament on 14 April 2016. The enforcement date of this regulation is on 25th May 2018 after which those organizations who are in non-compliance will face heavy fines.


DLT Lab’s fully customizable GDPR solution provide a unique way for the organization to get compliant before the deadline. Below is list of key features of this platform:

Anonymized Layer – All PII information of the Employee will be completely Anonymized, thus providing full privacy to Employee data.

Employee Consent – Capturing the consent of employee to share PII information. Employee can also resend the consent from the Portal.

Audit Trail – Complete audit trail will be visible to all the concerned parties. The Audit trail will be given in timeline fashion.


DLT Crypto Exchange is one of the most advanced exchange in the world capable of trading any crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) or ICO Tokens. This platform has capability to perform the following:

Buy / Sell Limit Order

Buy / Sell Market Order

Buy / Sell Stop Loss Order

Immediate or Cancel Order

MBP Screen

Trade Snap Shot Screen

Market Watch

Two – Factor / Biometric Authentication


Configurable AML

Upcoming Features:

Short Sell Order

Margin Trade

Intra Day Short Sell Order


This is world’s first market build on top of modified Ethereum to create and trade securities. This platform has all the features as of any other Traditional Exchange where you can start an IPO and then it can be listed on Secondary market. This revolutionize the way trading is done by moving allotment / settlement on Blockchain system. Thus, providing transparency on how allocation is done. Also, on top of that moving all post trade activities on Blockchain thus enabling P2P transfer / settlement of securities in real time.


This is world’s most sophisticated and reliable P2P payment network build on top of Blockchain using which transfer of value can be done between two parties (merchant & consumer) using fiat currency. The cost of each transaction is fixed irrespective of value transferred and is just a fraction than charged by any payment network today. This payment network uses Blockchain core protocol to make this exchange happen.


On top of this payment network runs an innovative Fiat Currency Wallet system which allows any user to transfer value to another user in real time. Unlike any other wallet in the market every user can act as a merchant or a consumer. Merchant need not to setup separate wallet to receive the funds.


This platform is DLT Lab’s solution of P2P lending problem which has existed since years. This platform uses the power of Blockchain to make P2P lending real. This lending platform runs on top of the DLT Labs Payment network and utilizes DLT Labs Fiat Currency wallet for the transfer of currency. Because of the virtue of the BlockChain Lenders on this platform can see in real time how much money they have lend; how much interest is being generated and how much liquidity they should maintain. All transactions on this platform is immutable and auditable thus makings this system much more secure than any other similar system in the market.


This DLT Labs’ platform is world’s first to store credentials, transcript and certificate on top of the Blockchain thus making all the data immutable and credential / certificate fraud a thing of past. In today’s world getting your credentials verified is a costly affair to the organization as well as to the students. Using this platform credential verification can be done on just a click and by anyone anywhere in the world.

ICO 2.0

We have designed & developed a very unique reusable platform which will change the way ICO’s are done. By using this platform you will be in full control of your ICO right from the start to the end with zero hassle and no involvement of any third party. The platform will give you following feature:

An ERC20 & ERC 223 compatible Smart Contract.

Automatic connection of Smart Contract to the Platform.

Location Based Token Sale.

Personalized User Interface.

Ready to Integrate with any KYC or AML platform.

Ability to setup Authorized Users.

Secondary Market for Trading.

Full visibility on who own how many tokens.

Ability to freeze assets.

Automatically stop ICO sale based on date or token sale limit.

Ability to schedule a recurring transfer of token.

Two-factor authentication steps to secure your token.

Email / SMS notification on every transaction.

The ICO platform is entirely ready to get integrated with any iOS or Android App, as required.

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