DLT Labs’ Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


DLT Labs has a comprehensive business continuation plan in place for clients and partners. It comprises a minimum of three-tiers of personnel for each key function all of whom are self-isolated, geographically across 3 locations and 2 continents (North America & India). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


We are experiencing high demand for our platform and services, which are mission-critical. Essential services (corporate or government) have been given strict priority.


DLT Labs is following best practices (social distancing, self-isolation), and wishes our clients and partners health and safety through this challenging period.



Configurable SaaS Platform with

Turnkey Deployment & Support

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Unique system with unmatched implementation speed


Out of the box integration with legacy systems through open API’s


Configurable and interoperable for any business process optimization


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DL Asset Track™

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A blockchain is a digital ledger for maintaining transaction records that is shared amongst a distributed network, hence the moniker distributed ledger technology. The secure and decentralized nature of this data structure benefits any industry in which value or sensitive data is exchanged.



Cryptographically Secure



A blockchain is a digital ledger for maintaining transaction records that is shared amongst a distributed network, hence the moniker distributed ledger technology. The secure and decentralized nature of this data structure benefits any industry in which value or sensitive data is exchanged.
Financial Services

Blockchain technology can be used in a wide range of applications in the financial services industry.


Blockchain and smart contracts can benefit the insurance industry and claims handling process by reducing cost, minimizing errors, and increasing efficiency.


Blockchain can enhance the security, privacy, and interoperability of healthcare data by making electronic medical records and prescriptions more efficient, disintermediated, and secure.

Supply Chain

Blockchain, combined with Internet Of Things devices, can facilitate the tracking of managed assets and products from factories to point of sale.

What We Do

Blockchain is reshaping industries in domains as varied as finance, healthcare, government and manufacturing. The technology will continue to evolve and be used in more innovative ways. DLT Labs uses it unique and proprietary Parent and Child Architecture and DNC Cluster Infrastructure to solve Blockchain problem like Scalability, Throughput, Latency & Tight Coupling of Data & Logic thus making Blockchain Enterprise Ready.


We combine our unparalleled experience in both blockchain architecture and business operations to help you understand how blockchain can impact your business.


Our dedicated team of over 30 developers work to build unique solutions for your business that will streamline business processes, saving both money and time.


We leverage our unique business insights and development capabilities to shape your company’s blockchain strategy and unlock previously untapped revenue streams.

What Makes Us Different

DLT Labs consists of an industry leading team who have over 70 years of collective blockchain development expertise, have delivered on the largest enterprise blockchin projects globally, and have a successful track record with some of the worlds largest software product integrations.
Technology Expertise

Our team has a long track record of building blockchain applications for clients ranging from governments, to major banks, to start-ups.

Business IQ

We have extensive in-house operating experience across a wide range of industries, including payments, software, financial services, and consulting.


With over 30 developers across three continents, we are amongst the largest blockchain development firms in the world, ensuring your solution is implemented in a timely manner.


50+ Business & technical Members effortlessly work together to ensure the desired level of Quality is achieved with on-time delivery. We are committed to meet the expectations of our clients at all times.

Enterprise Data Management Products to Transform Business Processes


Quick implementation with legacy systems

Out of the box integration through open APIs

Modular & configurable to suit business needs

Turnkey solutions to easily access blockchain applications.

Growing portfolio of products supported by most major blockchain platforms.

Your business can benefit if you:

Record and share information between multiple parties

Transfer sensitive data among internal and external systems

Automate exchanges between parties

Use intermediaries for exchange or settlement of transactions

Track assets with value

Manage privacy and consent

Why your business needs blockchain

Recording & sharing of information
between parties
Automated exchanges among parties
Transferring sensitive data between internal
& external systems
Track assets across the supply chain
Manage privacy & consent
Operational efficiency
Value to stakeholder
Automation opportunities
Trust & transparency
Risk of data fraud
Risk of cyber attacks
Error rates
Capital requirements

Reduce risk of data fraud and manipulation.

Reduce costs.

Improve efficiency.

Reduce risk of cyber attack.

Reshape business processes – e.g. increase automation.

Reduce error rates.

Reduce capital requirements.

Increase revenues.

Who We Are

DLT Labs is a leading provider of enterprise data management products, powered by Blockchain. With deep expertise in technical innovation and one of the world’s largest pools of highly skilled and experienced Blockchain experts across the globe, DLT Labs’ products enable transformation and innovation of complex processes.


Loudon Owen
Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Loudon Owen co-founded McLean Watson Capital, one of Canada’s premier venture capital firms and has been an early investor, director and founder of a host of transformative public and private companies. He holds a BA (University of Toronto), a JD (Osgoode Hall Law School), and an MBA (INSEAD).

Neeraj Srivastava
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Neeraj is an early adopter of blockchain technologies. He is a member of the IBM Blockchain Board of Advisors, is a contributing member to Hyperledger and Ethereum and has extensive experience in the financial services sector.

Mike Cosic
Chief Financial Officer

Mike has over 25 years of experience in accounting, corporate controls, and structuring transactions and has managed internal and external cross-functional teams for publicly-traded multinational companies.

DL Asset Track™


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